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Cheap Vs. Affordable Windows

9/13/2013 2:20:37 PM

If you have landed here, you were likely searching for cheap or affordable windows—and to help you out, we’d like to take a few minutes of your time to explain the difference. At Weather Shield, we understand that window shoppers come in all demographics with budgets and preferences that can vary considerably.

This is why we’ve recently launched several new product lines, including two affordable new product lines—the Aspire Series and the Signature Series. The Aspire Series launches as Weather Shield’s entry level window and door product offering while the Signature Series serves as our mid-priced product offering.

While both the Aspire and Signature Series lines are affordable and designed with budget-conscious consumers in mind, they are anything but cheap. We manufacture all of our windows—regardless of price—with the highest quality components without compromise.

Read on below to learn how to differentiate between high-quality affordable windows and cheap windows:

Cheap Vinyl

There are several grades of vinyl available on the market today. Companies producing the highest quality vinyl windows—like Weather Shield—are going to be a part of the Energy Star program. As a proud ENERGY STAR® partner, Weather Shield products are rated, certified and labeled for U-Value and Solar Heat Gain by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). Many of Weather Shield® windows not only meet, but exceed ENERGY STAR® standards for energy efficient windows and doors.

At Weather Shield we not only go the extra mile for energy efficiency, but also for aesthetics. Unlike many other vinyl window manufacturers, we do not manufacture a simple vinyl window. Instead, we offer a vinyl-clad window that combines all the benefits of a vinyl exterior with the superior aesthetics of a real wood interior! With Weather Shield vinyl-clad windows, you no longer have to sacrifice aesthetics for cost savings. Our Aspire Series windows offer exceptional energy efficiency, durability, and aesthetics at a price that can meet nearly any budget!

Wood Veneer

Some window and door companies claim to offer wood or wood-clad windows, but in reality they are simply offering a compressed particle board with a wood veneer. At Weather Shield, all our wood and wood-clad windows and doors are made with 100 percent real wood milled in our factories. Over time, wood veneers can chip, crack, or break—ruining the aesthetics of your windows and your home. Unlike our solid wood interiors, a wood veneer cannot be sanded, re-stained, or refinished, leaving you stuck with unattractive windows that cannot easily be repaired.

Standard Glass

If a window manufacturer is not offering a variety of glass selections, there is a good chance they are not selling a high-quality product. At Weather Shield, all our window and door products come with the option to have our energy-efficient glass—our Zo-e-Shield glass—installed.  Low-E glass, reduces the amount of heat transfer into your home and blocks up to 99 percent of UV-A and UV-B rays, protecting the interior surfaces of your home!

You won’t find glass like this on cheap replacement windows.

Non-Insulated Frames

Non-insulated frames, especially aluminum frames, are excellent conductors—meaning they facilitate the transfer of heat and cold into and out of your home effectively.  This can significantly increase your heating and cooling costs, making cheap replacement windows not so cheap in the long run.

When looking for replacement windows, always look for windows with insulated frames. Weather Shield’s newest lines of windows and doors incorporate our TriCore Frame technology.  TriCore frame technology creates a thermal barrier preventing the transfer of heat or cold to the inside of a building. Highly moisture-resistant materials, the fusion-welded sub frame, and the thick, multi-chamber sub frame components all work together to reduce weathering, virtually eliminate water infiltration and improve structural performance.


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