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How To Choose the Right Windows: Maintenance, Energy Efficiency, & Warranties

9/13/2013 2:23:26 PM

In part one of this two part blog series, we discussed the many different window frame materials on the market today and the pros and cons of choosing each one. In part two, we will focus on other what you should take into consideration when choosing a window. These considerations include:



Glazing Options

Glazing options are available on all window choices. Low-E glazing on your window glass reduces the heat your windows transfer into your home and can reduce the amount of UV-A and UV-B radiation entering your home—protecting your home’s interior furnishings.

Weather Shield offers a highly energy efficient low-e glass solution: Zo-e-shield. Our glass has multiple low-e coatings to provide your home with superior energy efficiency. To further improve energy efficiency, we have developed the Real Warm Edge spacer that helps to insulate against cold air and condensation. Combined with our low-e coating, our windows provide exceptional energy efficiency compared to many competing brands.

To learn more about our low-e glass solutions, visit our  Zo-e-shield glass solutions page contact us directly , or  find a Weather Shield dealer  in your area.

Exterior Maintenance Requirements

Exterior maintenance requirements for window products can vary considerably depending on the type of window you choose. Wood windows are susceptible to warping, rotting, splitting, and more, so they must be regularly sanded and painted or stained to keep them looking their best. For homeowners looking for windows with less ongoing maintenance requirements, aluminum , vinyl , or fiberglass exteriors are going to be the better option. Of these choices, fiberglass requires the least amount of maintenance. Unlike vinyl which can warp, bend, and crack over time, fiberglass will remain true and sturdy for decades. Aluminum frames can fade and even corrode over time, especially in coastal climates. Fiberglass is non-corrosive and with a simple wipe-down will look as good on day 5,000 as it did the day you had your fiberglass windows installed.

Interior Material Options

Interior maintenance requirements are similar to exterior maintenance requirements—only needed less frequently as the interiors of your windows are not exposed to the elements. Wooden interiors offer a warm classic ambiance to any room, but they require occasional sanding and painting or staining to keep them looking like-new. For vinyl and fiberglass interiors, there is virtually no maintenance involved in keeping them looking their best. Simply wipe down with a wet rag to remove any dust or dirt build-up!

Grilles, Hardware, and Trim Details

Grilles, hardware, and trim choices allow you to fine tune the look of your window to match the aesthetics of your home. Weather Shield offers thousands of grill, hardware, and trim combinations to match the décor of any home.


When you buy new windows, the warranty should be a key consideration. Carefully review the warranties for replacement stipulations, ownership transfer details, and guarantees against the failure of glass, frame, and the window sash. Some companies have warranty transfer fees, so be sure to read the warranty agreement carefully.

A strong warranty indicates you are choosing a company you can trust to stand behind their products. This is why Weather Shield offers a 20 year warranty on all Weather Shield products.

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