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What Are New Construction Windows?

9/12/2013 8:12:20 AM

If you are shopping for replacement windows, you have probably run across the terms “replacement windows” and “new construction windows.” So what distinguishes replacement windows from new construction windows? Naturally, the logical answer seems like it would be that new construction windows are only used in new construction projects and replacement windows are used in existing homes, but that isn’t necessarily true.

New construction windows are simply replacement windows that come in standard sizes rather than custom sizes. These windows are generally used in your standard new construction project where floor plans are standardized unless homebuyers specifically request customization.

Can New Construction Windows Be Used For Replacement?

Absolutely! New construction windows can be used in existing homes, but should only be used if your home came with standard sized windows during construction. If it did not, ordering custom sized replacement windows is going to be a better option. It is almost always cheaper to fit your windows to your home rather than trying to retrofit your home to fit your windows!

Are New Construction Windows Better than Replacement Windows?

There is no definitive answer to whether new construction windows are better than replacement or vice-versa. The better selection depends entirely on the application, your needs, and your budget, but generally you should buy custom fitted replacement windows unless you are absolutely certain that your existing windows are in line with standard window sizes today.

To eliminate any possibility of error, we recommend that you contact a local Weather Shield dealer to request an estimate. A certified window replacement professional will accurately measure your windows and help you determine the best window replacement choice for you.

Are New Construction Windows More Expensive than Replacement Windows?

Typically, new construction windows themselves are less expensive than custom sized replacement windows, but this does not mean the total cost of installation will necessarily be less expensive. As we’ve already mentioned, fitting windows to your home is cheaper than fitting your home to windows. Buying standard sized new construction windows that do not fit perfectly into your existing window openings can result in increased material and labor costs to make your new windows fit securely.

How Do I Order New Construction Windows?

If you are looking to buy new construction windows—for a new construction project or for a home improvement project—contact us directly or find a local Weather Shield dealer in your area. Our new construction windows come in a variety of window styles and configurations with nearly limitless design and finishing combinations.

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