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Can New Windows Reduce the Noise in My Home?

9/10/2014 2:44:00 PM

Is your home noisy? For those of us that live near airports, train crossings, major roads, or highways, or even those that simply live next to loud neighbors, the noise can be annoying and sometimes even overwhelming—preventing relaxation or a good night of sleep.

Did you know that your windows can be a major contributor to the amount of noise in your home? Glass is a much more efficient conductor of sound waves than other building materials, making windows a major source of noise pollution in your home.

Noise Reduction Replacement Windows

Most of the windows installed in homes today are still old single pane windows with no insulating properties. While insulated double and triple pane windows are most frequently marketed for their energy saving features, the same features that insulate your home from hot and cold temperatures can also insulate you from outside noise.

Today’s windows with their multi-chamber frame designs, glass glazing, enhanced weather stripping, and insulating gases all work together to reduce or eliminate sounds coming from outside—making them an ideal product for homeowners that live in areas where loud and consistent noise is a problem.

Noise Reducing Insulated Windows from Weather Shield

All of Weather Shield’s product lines are available with two or three panes, insulated glass, multi-chamber frame designs, and other features that can significantly reduce the amount of outdoor noise entering your home.

To learn more about our replacement window products, download the product catalogs below:


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