Bay Windows

Bay Windows

A bay window can make your home feel more spacious, appear brighter, and help bring the outdoors inside. Bay windows are common additions to living rooms and master bedrooms where homeowners desire increased natural lighting and enhanced architectural elements. At Weather Shield, we create bay windows with a combination of window types, but the most common windows used to create a bay window are picture windows flanked by casement windows , single hung windows or double hung windows .


What Is a Bay Window?

A bay window is an architectural window feature that can make a room appear more spacious, improve the view, and add significantly more natural light. Bay windows typically have three sides: one that is parallel to the exterior wall and two that are angled outward toward the room.

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Another type of bay window, although less common, is the recessed bay window. A recessed bay window looks like a reversed version of a traditional bay window. Rather than extruding from the building’s exterior wall, they are inverted, removing interior space. These are commonly built when one wants to improve the natural lighting of a room, but cannot get a permit to build outward from the exterior wall.


Bay Window Materials & Selection

We offer several types of windows that can be used to create attractive, durable, and energy efficient bay windows. Our selection includes:

  • Wood Bay Windows – Our wood bay windows provide the beauty and classical elegance that only a wood window can provide. With several wood grain choices, you are sure to find the look you desire for your home or business.
  • Vinyl Bay Windows – Our vinyl bay windows provide improved durability, lower maintenance and excellent energy efficiency. Our wood cladding options allow you to recreate the look of wood windows inside with the added benefits of vinyl windows on the exterior. With several color and wood grain options, there are thousands of possible design combinations for your vinyl bay windows.
  • Fiberglass Bay Windows – Our fiberglass bay windows provide superior energy efficiency and durability with an exceptionally low environmental footprint. With dozens of color options interior wood grain selections, you are sure to find the design combination you are looking for.
We are confident that our bay window selections will provide you the exact style you desire for your home or business.

Bay Window Installation

If you are looking for bay window installation for your home or business or would like to learn more about window and door installation, contact us directly , or find a Weather Shield dealer near you! Our window and door dealers are fully trained and provide high-quality installation to complement and enhance our premium window and door selection.


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