Fiberglass Windows and Patio Doors

Fiberglass Windows & Doors

Weather Shield’s EnduraShield® line offers premium fiberglass and fiberglass clad wood windows and patio doors. Our fiberglass windows offer remarkable strength and durability and are extremely energy-efficient and low-maintenance! No matter what your needs are, fiberglass windows make for a great choice for your replacement window project .



Fiberglass Window Styles

Our EnduraShield® product line comes in a variety of fiberglass and fiberglass-clad window styles, including:

Fiberglass Door Styles

Weather Shield’s EnduraShield® product line includes:

Benefits of Fiberglass Windows & Patio Doors

There are several benefits of installing windows and doors made of fiberglass in your home or business. They are:

  • Environmentally friendly – Fiberglass manufacturing requires less energy to manufacture than any other material and less waste is generated during the manufacturing process.
  • Energy efficient – Fiberglass is an insulating material. Fiberglass windows and doors do not require a thermal barrier like many other types of windows. Fiberglass windows and doors contract and expand at rates much lower than that of aluminum or vinyl – this means reduced air leakage and lower energy bills.
  • Durable – Fiberglass is a material that will maintain its strength and integrity in every climate. Unlike wood windows, fiberglass windows do not warp, rot or discolor. Fiberglass replacement windows are also less vulnerable to shrinkage, sagging, and cracking than other window materials. Overall, fiberglass windows offer a level of durability than cannot be matched.
  • Low maintenance – One of the best things about fiberglass windows is that they require minimal maintenance. In most cases, a simple cleaning is all that is necessary to keep them looking like new!

Uncompromised Elegance

Our EnduraShield® fiberglass windows not only offer superior durability and longevity, they offer uncompromised elegance as well. Our wood clad fiberglass windows offer all the benefits of fiberglass windows with the classical elegance of wood windows.

Unlike many other window manufacturers, our wood clad fiberglass windows are machined from solid wood rather than incorporating a simple wood veneer. They also offer several finishing options including white latex, stained wood, and clear lacquer.

Color & Finish Options

EnduraShield® fiberglass windows and patio doors come in a number of exterior finish colors, and finishing solutions are resistant to fading, peeling or flaking and come with a 20 year warranty. With our selection of styles, colors and finishes, we are confident you will find the perfect match for your home’s décor.

Sample exterior finishes include:
Standard Colors

Sample interior wood and fiberglass finishes include:
Wood Interior Finishes

Fiberglass Window and Patio Door Installation

If you are considering installing replacement or new construction fiberglass windows or patio doors for your home, contact your local Weather Shield dealer today. Our dealers are trained and certified to provide top quality window installation that lives up to our reputation as one of the leading window manufacturers in the world.

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