Remodeling Windows

Remodeling Windows

Are you working on a home remodeling project? Weather Shield carries a wide selection of home remodeling windows designed to give your remodeling project a fresh new view. Our selection of windows come in all wood, aluminum clad, fiberglass and fiberglass clad, and vinyl window options with a variety of shape and styling options. If the millions of potential combinations are not enough, we also offer customized window options guaranteed to fit your home’s revitalized design.

Remodeling Windows Design Ideas

Whether you’re remodeling out of necessity or simply updating the look of your home, there are several things you can do to maximize the effect of your window remodeling project. A few of our favorites are:

Bay and Bow Remodeling Windows Bay and bow windows are popular window remodeling projects. Adding bay and bow windows to your home has several benefits. They can let more light into your room, expand your room’s living area, create a cozy seating area or simply give you more space to store decorative items.

Maximize Sun Exposure – Natural sunlight not only lights your house naturally – lowering your energy bills – but has also been shown to enhance moods. Consider adding windows on the north side of your home as a part of your window remodeling project to let more natural light into your home throughout the day.

If you have relatively few windows on the south side of your house for fear of the sun heating your rooms to uncomfortable levels and fading furniture and carpets, you should know that our Zo-E-Shield windows reflect the sun’s heat and harmful UV rays away from your home. Expanding the south facing windows in your home is an excellent way to add more natural light into your home.

Adding natural light to your home will brighten your room and maybe even your mood!

Add Architectural Flair to Your Room – Our special shape windows are a great way to add an interesting architectural element to any room. For example, you could add a half circle window over your entry door to add a stylistic element to your entryway or perhaps a geometric shape such as a circle, pentagon or octagon to a room as a simple accent piece. The options are limited only by your imagination.

These represent only a few ideas for your window remodeling project. The design possibilities are nearly endless!

Remodeling Window Installation

If you are looking to have remodeling windows installed at your home, contact us directly or find a local Weather Shield dealer . We offer architectural support and product drawings and specifications to help you make the most of your window remodeling project!

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