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Thermal Replacement Windows

If you have been shopping for windows recently, you have likely encountered the term “thermal windows.” So what exactly is a thermal window? A thermal window is just another term for an energy efficient window. A thermal window is simply a type of window that has more than one sheet of glass between the interior and exterior of your home or business.

Thermal windows, more commonly referred to as double or triple-paned windows are extremely efficient. The space in between the layers of glass in thermal replacement windows is filled with an insulating gas that helps to slow the transfer of heat into or out of your home—and when installed properly, can have a significant impact on your heating and cooling costs.

How Much Energy Will Thermal Windows Save?

Inefficient windows can contribute as much as 30-40 percent to your home’s heating and cooling bills. Thermal replacement windows are several times more efficient than old single pane windows. Simply improving the energy efficiency of your windows by twice what they are today will lead to an energy bill decrease of approximately 20 percent!

Savings like this can help to offset the cost of your replacement windows in only a few years, although savings are very dependent on the size of your home and the energy efficiency of your old windows.

How Do I Determine the Energy Efficiency of a Thermal Replacement Window?

Energy efficient windows are required to disclose their energy efficiency levels to prove that they are indeed energy efficient. We provide energy ratings for all our windows and doors on our product pages. If you are shopping for windows in a hardware store or window and door showroom, windows will have a sticker on them from the National Fenestration Rating Council and from Energy Star. If the windows lack these stickers, they are not energy efficient windows.

What Kind of Thermal Replacement Windows Does Weather Shield Offer?

We offer a number of energy efficient thermal windows for all types of homes and for all design tastes. Whether you want the traditional look of all wood windows, the low-maintenance of vinyl or fiberglass windows, or a combination of wood aesthetics and low-maintenance, we have window selections for you. Our all-wood, fiberglass-clad, and vinyl-clad window options are available in double-hung, awning, casement, sliding, special shape, and single-hung varieties.

What Do I Do If I Want to Install Weather Shield Thermal Windows?

If you are ready to learn more about our energy efficient windows, schedule a window consultation with a local Weather Shield dealer or contact us today for more information!

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