Awning Windows

Awning Windows

Awning windows, much like casement windows , open outward. Unlike a casement window, however, an awning window opens with a top hinge instead of a side hinge. Awnings are very popular and have many benefits over other styles of windows, improved ventilation and design versatility.

We offer six awning window choices, including aluminum-clad, vinyl-clad, fiberglass and fiberglass-clad, wood, architectural grade, and even an impact-resistant product.

With endless design styles, superior quality, and an industry-leading warranty, why choose anyone else? Explore our product selections below or contact us for more information.

Our Awning Window Selection

Premium Series
Stacked columns. Running ribbons of glass. Dramatic blocks of lite. With Weather Shield Premium Series™ Awnings you can create imaginative, contemporary home designs without forsaking function.

Signature Series
Open up your design possibilities with Signature Series Awning windows. On their own or mulled to operating or stationary casement units, awnings crank out from the bottom and allow you to let fresh air in even when conditions are not favorable.

Contemporary Collection
Standing alone or combined with other windows, awnings can be used to create dramatic blocks of lite into a home. Operating sizes up to 60” x 48” can allow large amounts of fresh air into a house.

Weather Shield Series
Weather Shield awning windows are available in all-wood varieties with a wide selection of elegant wood grain and finishing choices that can match any home’s décor.

Aspire Series
Let the fresh air in even when outdoor conditions may not be favorable. Because awnings operate from the bottom out, you can open them even when it is raining without letting in the water.

LifeGuard Series
LifeGuard Weather Shield awnings feature insulating, impact glass for the greatest energy-efficiency, as well as protection from the adverse weather conditions found in coastal hurricane regions

Benefits of Choosing Awning Windows

Awning windows provide several advantages over other types of windows. Some of the most important benefits include:

  • Versatility – awnings feature a versatility that few other styles of window can offer. With many styling options and the ability to be installed higher than other types of windows, awning windows provide you with greater flexibility in designing your décor.
  • Weather-Proof – since awning windows open out from the top, they provide protection from the rain when opened. They will allow little to no leakage from rain when open, so you can continue to enjoy fresh air even when the weather is bad.
  • Privacy – awnings can be installed higher up than many types of windows, meaning they can provide natural light and ventilation without compromising your privacy.
  • Contemporary look – awning windows can help give your home or business a stylish, contemporary look that stands out from traditional window styles.

Awning Window Installation

Awning windows are a great choice for a home or business looking for windows with excellent versatility, visual appeal, and energy efficiency. If you are interested in having awning windows installed, contact a Weather Shield dealer near you today!

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